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Content Strategy &
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_What we do

Explore | Learn | Apply | Explore again.

_We empower you and your project to think connected and to be alive in the digital world. We think and craft experiences for people on digital platforms and physical spaces.

Floren Ferretto, Saltolab's founder

_ Hi, there!

Welcome to our home.

Im Florencia Ferretto, a restless digital #knowmad currently working as a Content Strategist and UX designer while exploring the world.

I founded Saltolab around digital communication with the aim to add value in different projects and to explore this disciplines that I love in an independent way.

That's how I work as a partner with brands, teams and companies. Also I count with a vaste professional network with whom I build up teams to rock our clients and projects needs.

_ Our Services

Saltolab's service: digital brand experience


Digital Brand Experience

From being connected to stay in touch. We build resonant brand experiences for people.

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Saltolab's service: Content Strategy


Content Strategy

We plan for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.

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Saltolab UX Design Solutions


Web & Mobile UX Design Solutions

We solve problems and find new ways of doing through Strategic Design

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Saltolab Consultancy


Digital Consultancy

To determine differentiation, personalization and relevance factors for digital projects is our main goal.

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we are digital nomads

As digital nomads, we project ourserlves from coworking spaces, coffee stores, airports and our floral gardens with wifi.

_ Who we work with

Saltolab client: Camisani
Saltolab client: Osteopatía Lanziano
Saltolab client: Crouch
Saltolab client: Francisco Paez
Saltolab client: La Teresita Posada
Saltolab client: Ana Dorado Visual Thinking
Saltolab client: Fu
Saltolab client: Pigmalion TV, estudio de comunicación visual
Saltolab client: Cookies Ad School

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Our basecamp is Casa Indus, placed in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.