Digital Consultancy as a saltolab's service

Digital Consultancy

To determine differentiation, personalization and relevance factors for digital projects is our main goal.

Content Governance

A brand is associated with a promise that expresses its differential value and generates expectations for customers. We guide you in the process of building yours.

Social Media

We help you understand digital media logic and people's behavior in each platform so that you incorporate the best practices in your communication. This way you obtain ways to keep the conversation real.

User Experience

We care about what people feel and the relationships arising from their interaction with the environment.Through Design Sprints we help you build empathy and journey maps, find your user personas and crafting cool and purposeful interactions in digital platforms.

Messaging and Positioning

We ensure consistency for your brand identity across multiple channels and formats. We collaborate to care for and enhance your online reputation.

_ Process

We ask the right questions to help you understand online environments and implementing the best digital solutions for your projects. We believe in the power of sharing experiences to gain knowledge and improve our clients digital performance.


We study the problem when you bring it or we help you identify it when you dont know where to go or where to look. We get into and look around to find opportunities, pain points and ways to solve.



We analyze what happens and what doesnt constantly. We guide you in the execution of communication and content strategies, redesign and innovation processes. We record and measure your results.



Clean data suggest good decisions. We ensure that your brand has the right level of exposure. We collaborate to improve your performance so we show you how to keep moving forward goal by goal.


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